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I started writing professionally as a news reporter, working in New York, Hong Kong, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and elsewhere, mostly in Asia. I’d lived outside North America for nearly twenty years, and upon returning to New York and Washington, I realized Americans have a limited understanding of other cultures. I was lucky to have lived and worked in and grown to love several places that were becoming of primary importance to the Western world. I have always believed that the truths in stories are at least as important as—perhaps are more important than—what the facts tell us. My first interest in writing fiction is always telling a good story.

These books are true crossover books. I get as many letters and emails from adult readers as I do from young readers, and I try to respond to them all.

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Shivs's Fire by Suzanne Fisher StaplesShiva’s Fire: In a starred review, Publishers Weekly said, “Poetically and suspensefully expressing the sorrows and joys of the spiritual life as well as the life of the artist, this is a spellbinder.”

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Under the Persimmon Tree by Suzanne Fisher StaplesUnder the Persimmon Tree: In Kirkus: “Staples brings beautiful, war-torn Afghanistan closer in this affecting, eye-opening novel.”

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Dangerous Skies by Suzanne Fisher StaplesDangerous Skies: Publishers Weekly said in a starred review: “This masterfully crafted story boldly conveys uncomfortable truths about society while expressing the innocence of children.”

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What People Are Saying

“In the last few years, Suzanne Fisher Staples has clearly emerged as one of the most powerful writers for young adults on the planet.”
-Chinaberry Books

“Staples takes readers to places they are unlikely to have visited on their own and teaches them to see the world in all its amazing complexity.”
-Megan Lynn Isaac, Suzanne Fisher Staples: The Setting is the Story

“Staples has accomplished a small miracle in her touching and powerful story.”
-Maurya Simons in The New York Times